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MALAYSIA MY SECOND HOME PROGRAM is initiated, organized and launched by the Malaysian Government to allow people from all over the world, who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a social visit pass with multiple entry visa. The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of 10 year and renewable.

All approved applicants are entitled to special benefits given by the Government for this unique programme. The benefits include applicant can now setup own company and both husband and wife can actively run the business, purchasing of one locally manufactured car with duty free (i.e Proton, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz and others) OR the Importation of one car from the country of domicile. Approved applicants are allowed to obtain bank loan for purchasing of residential properties in Malaysia. The minimum amount is RM250,000.00 and above.

The Government of Malaysia welcome expatriates from all over the world irrespective of nationality & age to stay in Malaysia. This programme is however not a pre-condition to a Permanent Resident (PR) status eligibility.

If you are interested, please with us.
|| Please refer to the Terms & Conditions before registering, thank you. ||
|| All Terms & Conditions stated here are subjected to the Immigration of Malaysia's regulation. All details or advise provided by us are solely based on the latest informations given or provided by the Immigration of Malaysia. Applicants are always advised to seek further clarification with the Immigration of Malaysia.||

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